Art For Good

Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) was known for his groundbreaking work as well as his spirit of generosity and social activism. Today the Rauschenberg Foundation carries the artist’s artistic and philanthropic legacy forward by supporting artists and community organizations working for a more equitable and sustainable world.

Art for Good is an initiative to bring Rauschenberg’s artwork–and his generous spirit– to a new audience through carefully curated partnerships with major brands. All partnership royalties will go directly to support the Foundation’s grantmaking in art, social justice, climate change, and education.

To date the Foundation has partnered with Skateroom, West Elm, and Warby Parker. Learn more about the artwork selected for these projects below. 

Rauschenberg Collage Stops Signs and Birds
Sky Garden (Stoned Moon) 1969
Sky Garden (Stoned Moon)
Banner (Stoned Moon), 1969
Banner (Stoned Moon)
Watermelon Medley (Bifocal), 1982
Watermelon Medley (Bifocal)
Sri Lanka VI, 1983
Sri Lanka VI
Daydream / ROCI MEXICO, 1985
Daydream / ROCI MEXICO
Copperhead–Bite I / ROCI CHILE, 1985
Copperhead–Bite I / ROCI CHILE
Copperhead Chica / ROCI CHILE
Farm Garden (Jardin de Granja) / ROCI CUBA
Robert Rauschenberg, Cuban Diary (Diario Cubano) / ROCI CUBA
Cuban Diary (Diario Cubano) / ROCI CUBA
Robert Rauschenberg, Guardian Light (Guardian de la Luz) / ROCI CUBA
Guardian Light (Guardian de la Luz) / ROCI CUBA
Robert Rauschenberg, Rice Wine Dog, Tuak Hudok-Iban / ROCI MALAYSIA
Rice Wine Dog, Tuak Hudok-Iban / ROCI MALAYSIA
2 Koi Fish