Urban Bourbon (1988–96)

Urban Bourbon is a series of paintings comprised of silkscreened images drawn from Rauschenberg’s own photographs, expressionistic brushstrokes, and often poured or flung paint, in vivid acrylic colors, on enameled, mirrored, and anodized aluminum. 

Elephant Tale (Urban Bourbon) 1989
Elephant Tale (Urban Bourbon)
Robert Rauschenberg, Courtyard (Urban Bourbon) 1989
Courtyard (Urban Bourbon)
Reflecks I (Urban Bourbon) 1990
Reflecks I (Urban Bourbon)
Orange Squeeze (Urban Bourbon), 1992
Orange Squeeze (Urban Bourbon)
Street Archer (Urban Bourbon), 1992
Street Archer (Urban Bourbon)
Drawn (Urban Bourbon) 1992
Drawn (Urban Bourbon)
Stake-Out (Urban Bourbon)
Hangers (Urban Bourbon), 1993
Hangers (Urban Bourbon)
In Trance (Urban Bourbon), 1993
In Trance (Urban Bourbon)
Capital Vanity (Urban Bourbon), 1993
Capital Vanity (Urban Bourbon)
Grass Hotel (Urban Bourbon)
Fall Out (Urban Bourbon)
Block-Busters (Urban Bourbon)
Monday Duck (Urban Bourbon), 1995
Monday Duck (Urban Bourbon)
Rambling (Urban Bourbon), 1995
Rambling (Urban Bourbon)
Bleach (Urban Bourbon) 1995
Bleach (Urban Bourbon)
Nightshift (Urban Bourbon), 1995
Nightshift (Urban Bourbon)
Rauschenberg Colorful Mixed Media Collage
Catch (Urban Bourbon)
Carnival Wall (Urban Bourbon), 1988
Carnival Wall (Urban Bourbon)
Robert Rauschenberg Colorful Artwork
Lace Pound (Urban Bourbon)
Untitled (Urban Bourbon), 1989
Untitled (Urban Bourbon)
Sentry (Urban Bourbon) 1992
Sentry (Urban Bourbon)
Park Party (Urban Bourbon) 1993
Park Party (Urban Bourbon)
Robert Rauschenberg Sugar Bags (Urban Bourbon), 1993 Silkscreen ink and acrylic on enameled aluminum 23 7/8 x 23 7/8 inches (60.5 x 60.5 cm) Robert Rauschenberg Foundation RRF Registration# 93.023
Sugar Bags (Urban Bourbon)