Spread (1975–83)

“Spread” is a term used to describe a wide expanse of land, as well as a fabric covering; it also refers to the large scale of these particular artworks. Paint and solvent transfer are applied to wood panels and often to fabric collage, while found objects, mirrored Plexiglas, and electric lights are commonly included.

Rodeo Palace 1976
Rodeo Palace (Spread)
For a Friend and Krazy Kat (Spread), 1976
For a Friend and Krazy Kat (Spread)
Whistle Stop (Spread), 1977
Whistle Stop (Spread)
Tut-Scape (Spread) 1977
Tut-Scape (Spread)
Rauschenberg Artwork Featuring Cows, Pigs, and A Yardstick
Cupule (Spread)
Global Loft (Spread), 1979
Global Loft (Spread)
Doric Circus (Spread), 1979
Doric Circus (Spread)
Earthstar Express (Spread), 1979
Earthstar Express (Spread)
Melic Meeting (Spread)
Podium (Spread)
Snowberry Fudge (Spread), 1980
Snowberry Fudge (Spread)
Tantric Riddle (Spread), 1981
Tantric Riddle (Spread)
Untitled (Spread)