Scenario (2002–06)

Using the same transfer process that he had employed since 1992, Rauschenberg used an Epson printer to make digital color prints of photographs. In the Scenario series, the prints made with pigment ink are transferred onto two polylaminate panels. Imagery is often arranged in a gridlike format with less overlap than in preceding works. 

Rauschenberg Bikes, Fruit, and Insects Collage
Catydid Express (Scenario)
Nomads Welcome (Scenario), 2002
Nomads Welcome (Scenario)
Random Want (Scenario) 2003
Random Want (Scenario)
Truce (Scenario), 2003
Truce (Scenario)
Party Line (Scenario), 2003
Party Line (Scenario)
Seasonal House (Scenario) 2004 by Rauschenberg
Seasonal House (Scenario)
Robert Rauschenberg, TRIATHLON (SCENARIO) 2005
Triathlon (Scenario)
Big Pile of Bones (Scenario), 2005
Big Pile of Bones (Scenario)
Roundabout (Scenario)
Twilight Shippers (Scenario)
Deepend (Scenario), 2006
Deepend (Scenario)
Historic Detour (Scenario), 2006
Historic Detour (Scenario)
Local Color (Scenario) 2006
Local Color (Scenario)
Buddha Tickler (Scenario) 2006
Buddha Tickler (Scenario)