Salvage (1983–85)

The series consists of canvases painted and silkscreened with images taken from Rauschenberg’s photographs and includes various autobiographical references. The series began with “salvaged” drop cloths that the artist used when silkscreening costumes for Trisha Brown Dance Company’s Set and Reset (1983). 

Untitled (Salvage), 1983
Untitled (Salvage)
Colonnade (Salvage) 1984
Colonnade (Salvage)
Mane (Salvage), 1984
Mane (Salvage)
Tanya's Veil (Whale) (Salvage), 1984
Tanya's Veil (Whale) (Salvage)
Proof (Salvage), 1984
Proof (Salvage)
Tarnish (Salvage), 1984
Tarnish (Salvage)
Rauschenberg, Rollings, 1984
Rollings (Salvage)