Red Painting (1953–54)

This series of paintings was created primarily in red paint on grounds of newspaper and patterned fabrics that have been attached to the canvas. Heavily painted, pigments are applied in a variety of ways, including brushstrokes, drips, impasto, and squeezed directly from the tube. The later Red Paintings from the summer of 1954 incorporate found objects and anticipate the three-dimensionality of the Combines. Rauschenberg chose red as a challenge because his teacher at Black Mountain College, Josef Albers, had said it was the most difficult color.

Robert Rauschenberg Red Artwork
Untitled (Red Painting)
Red Painting, 1954
Red Painting
Red Import, 1954
Red Import
Untitled, 1954
Untitled (Red Painting), ca. 1953–54
Untitled (Red Painting)
Robert Rauschenberg Orange and Red Stripes with Green Polka Dots