Glut (1986–89/1991–94)

Rauschenberg used scrap metal, such as gas station signs and deteriorated automotive and industrial parts, transforming them into this sculptural series of wall reliefs and freestanding assemblages. 

Yellow Moby Glut
Regilar Diary Glut, 1986
Regilar Diary Glut
No Wake Glut, 1986
No Wake Glut
Sunset Glut 1987
Sunset Glut
Albino Spring Glut (Neapolitan), 1987
Albino Spring Glut (Neapolitan)
Greek Toy Glut (Neapolitan) 1987
Greek Toy Glut (Neapolitan)
Greenhouse Glut (Neapolitan), 1987
Greenhouse Glut (Neapolitan)
Mercury Zero Summer Glut, 1987
Mercury Zero Summer Glut
Niagara Summer Glut 1987
Niagara Summer Glut
Cathedral Late Summer Glut, 1987
Cathedral Late Summer Glut
Robert Rauschenberg Crushed Stop Sign Sculpture
Stop Side Early Winter Glut
Snow Gate Winter Glut, 1987
Snow Gate Winter Glut
Rauschenberg Wire Wheel Sculpture
Curly Que Summer Glut
Rauschenberg Red Window Sculpture
Appalachian Double Latch Spring Glut
Soaring Dribble Glut, 1992
Soaring Dribble Glut
Nile Throne Glut
Chrome Castle Glut (Neapolitan), 1987
Chrome Castle Glut (Neapolitan)
Yellow Visor Glut, 1989
Yellow Visor Glut
Gooey Duck Late Summer Glut, 1987
Gooey Duck Late Summer Glut
Balcone Glut (Neapolitan)