Anagram (1995–97)

For the Anagram series, Rauschenberg made digital color transfers from his own photographs by using inkjet dyes. As with the smaller-scale Waterworks (1992–95), the images were transferred to paper using water. In the Anagrams, however, the artist’s hand is more apparent as he transferred the images using a handheld burnishing implement instead of an electric press. 

Jones Diner (Anagram), 1995
Jones Diner (Anagram)
Tribute (Anagram) 1995
Tribute (Anagram)
Fusion (Anagram), 1996
Fusion (Anagram)
Fotografia (Anagram) 1996
Fotografia (Anagram)
Ranger (Anagram) 1996
Ranger (Anagram)
Silk Touch (Anagram), 1996
Silk Touch (Anagram)
Cronus Eclipse (Anagram), 1996
Cronus Eclipse (Anagram)
Lips (Anagram), 1997
Lips (Anagram)
Offering (Anagram) 1995
Offering (Anagram)
Chain Reaction (Anagram), 1996
Chain Reaction (Anagram)
Parade (Anagram), 1996
Parade (Anagram)
Flea Market (Anagram), 1997
Flea Market (Anagram)