Artists in Residence

A list of the current and upcoming Artists-in-Residence


Abigail DeVille
Visual Artist

Through the poetry of everyday experience and local histories, Abigail DeVille creates black hole room-sized sculptures that speak to different strands in American society. Black holes are containers laden with forgotten information; they are the absence of light, power, and knowledge, and the harbingers of historical inaccuracies. Using celestial forms to think about our place in history, the work is linked to our 4.5 billion year timeline. DeVille lives and works in New York. 

Adrienne Edwards
Curator/Writer/Scholar, Collaborator with Will Rawls

Adrienne Edwards is Curator at Performa in New York City, Visual Arts Curator at Large at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and a PhD candidate in Performance Studies at New York University. Since 2010, she has spearheaded Performa’s year-round programming, contributed to the Performa biennial, and led key institutional collaborations. At the Walker, she develops artist projects and expands interdisciplinary scholarship. Edwards’ curatorial work focuses on artists of the African Diaspora and the Global South. 

Skylar Fein
Visual Artist

Skylar Fein moved to New Orleans as a pre-med student one week before Hurricane Katrina. In the wreckage of New Orleans, where he still lives, he found his calling as an artist, experimenting with the color and composition of the storm’s detritus. His installation work approaches historical events, combining fact and fiction to re-envision notable moments and figures. He is also known for his work in pop art, and has a growing interest in photography. 

LaToya Ruby Frazier
Visual Artist

LaToya Ruby Frazier works in photography, video, and performance to build visual archives that address industrialism, rustbelt revitalization, environmental justice, healthcare inequity, family, and communal history. Her work is not journalism, but a visual expression of what it means to internalize post-industrial America. The works are akin to living tableaux – living between social realism and surrealism – and function to resettle traditional power dynamics and narratives. Frazier lives in Chicago. 

Yve Laris Cohen
Visual & Dance Artist

Yve Laris Cohen positions his practice within both visual art and dance, drawing on the legacies of Minimalist sculpture, Institutional Critique, and both postmodern dance and classical ballet. He builds material supports – floors, walls, and pedestals – to either outperform or fall short of their intended function. They come under pressure – and exert pressure of their own – when his transgender body meets them in performance. Laris Cohen lives in Brooklyn. 

John Hoobyar
Artist/Performer, Collaborator with Will Rawls

John Hoobyar's work examines the significance and function of canonical events in Western concert dance history both at the time they occurred and as objects of history today. He has recently performed in works by Sarah Michelson, Tino Sehgal, Heather Kravas, and Ryan McNamara. John lives in New York.

Conor Kolk
Visual Artist, Collaborator with Skylar Fein

Rather than planning pieces in advance, Conor Kolk allows dreamscapes to take form as he layers patterns and symbols onto each other. In this way, the characters and scenes come alive as if by their own volition, retaining in the process the many separate parts that make up the whole. His work thereby represents the multifaceted realms of the imagination and the often-disjointed parts that are ever-present beneath the surface. Kolk lives in New Orleans. 

Rodney McMillian
Visual Artist

Rodney McMillian employs various modes of working to approach complex subject matter that requires multiple entry points to understand and parse through potential meanings. In exploring class, and to an extent, race, he uses tropes that deal with symbolism, materiality, and history. He often incorporates post-consumer objects that point to use, taste, and an absented body, opening a discursive space of a personal lived history. McMillian lives and works in Los Angeles. 

Ebony G. Patterson
Visual Artist

Ebony G. Patterson explores ideas around “visibility” and “invisibility,” and the access that popular cultural spaces and archetypes, such as social media, have created for the disenfranchised to be visible. She creates moments of importance for those who may be deemed otherwise unimportant, addressing the use of pageantry, on and off the body, as a declaration of presence and as a protest of existence. Patterson lives alternately in Kingston, Jamaica, and Lexington, Kentucky. 

Will Rawls

Will creates live work that uses movement, text, objects, and sound, with particular interest in the spaces where one becomes the other. The spatial element of his work falls somewhere between installation and scenography. He often addresses themes such as legibility/illegibility, race and abstraction, agency, ritual/magic, and history-as-fiction. His practice is encompassed by the term “choreography” – a flexible methodology that pulls together the sensorial, physical, and material with the temporal and linguistic. Rawls lives in Brooklyn. 

Naoko Wowsugi

Naoko Wowsugi was born and raised in Japan, though legally a citizen of South Korea, and moved to the United States in 2001, leading her to explore conditions of identity and belonging in her work. Through a cross-disciplinary practice including performance, video, sound, and community participation, she celebrates human connections by toying with interpersonal and sociopolitical norms. She forges her existence in ephemeral yet engaged interpersonal relationships, generating community. Wowsugi lives and works in Washington, DC. 

Sound Artist
Visual Artist, Collaborator with Ander Mikalson
Luftwerk (Petra Bachmaier & Sean Gallero) (3Arts Fellow)
New Media Artists
Sound & Performance Artist
Audio Engineer, Collaborator with Maria Chavez
Brittany Powell Parich (Ford Family Foundation Fellow)
Visual Artist
Visual Artist
Visual/Performance Artist, Collaborator with Malik Gaines


Past RR Artists-in-Residence from 2012 to 2015 were invited to apply to return to the residency to work on a specific project.
Performing Artist/Writer/Director
Dancer/Performer, Collaborator with Allie Hankins
Visual/Performance/Video/Social Practice Artist
Dancer/Performance Artist
Visual Artist
Puppeteer/Visual Artist/Musician
Theater Artist
Visual Artist
Conceptual Artist/Gallery Director/Curator
Visual Artist/Photographer
Sound & Media Artist
Visual Artist

Visual Artist
Writer/Dramaturg, Collaborator with Jeanine Durning
Visual Artist
Visual Artist
Visual Artist
Adam Kuby (Ford Family Foundation Fellow)
Visual Artist

Partnerships: The Rauschenberg Residency has partnerships with 3Arts (Chicago), Photolucida (Portland), and the Ford Family Foundation (OR) in order to expand our selection process and broaden our diversity.

Artist as Activist: The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s Artist as Activist Fellowship provides independent artists and art collectives with a demonstrated commitment to applying their creative work to the public sphere with monetary grants over two years along with access to opportunities for professional advancement. Fellows are also invited to participate in the Rauschenberg Residency program.