Rauschenberg Residency


Robert Rauschenberg's twenty-acre estate on Captiva Island, Florida, which was his home and studio for forty years, has been transformed into a creative center that welcomes artists from around the world to live, work, and create.

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation (RRF) launched the Rauschenberg Residency in 2012–13 with a series of five pilot residencies that served to inform and shape the program. There are now seven one-month-long residencies annually that serve more than seventy artists and other creative individuals of exceptional talent and promise from a diverse mix of disciplines, backgrounds, ages, and career levels.

The Rauschenberg Residency is inspired by Rauschenberg's early years at Black Mountain College where an artistic community brought out elements central to his legacy, collaboration and exploration, learning from and working with others to break new ground.

The residency advances new work, extends practices into new mediums, and serves as a research and development lab for performance-based projects; it fosters the ideal that artistic practice advances mutual understanding; and it engenders a focus on the conservation of a sensitive and pristine environment.


"The development of an artists' residency on the property where Robert Rauschenberg lived and worked for more than forty years is one of our major programs. The residency builds on this legacy of new ideas, new work, and supporting generations of new artists," said Christy MacLear, RRF executive director.

The residency perpetuates Rauschenberg's ability to inspire and impact artists who follow in his footsteps, enabling creativity to develop out of community and interaction. Each of the selected artists brings a distinct artistic background and focus. The interplay of their solo and shared experiences during their time in Captiva mirrors Rauschenberg's career-long interest in collaborative creativity and promotes the spirit of innovation and boundary-pushing. The collective nature of an eclectic group of individual artists reflects similar themes and methods that intrigued Rauschenberg throughout his life, especially the mix of media, materials, and techniques. The experience is an extension of his belief that art has the power to bring about change, whether on a local and global  philanthropic level or within the artistic community itself.


The Rauschenberg Residency, an interdisciplinary artists' residency program, based on Robert Rauschenberg's belief that art can change the world, nurtures and facilitates experimentation, collaboration and innovation.


Based on Rauschenberg's experience at Black Mountain College and his belief in taking art across international borders to affect positive social change, the Rauschenberg Residency focus is on bringing together artists and scholars of exceptional talent and promise to make art, experiment, exchange ideas, and advance mutual understanding. Sited on the grounds of Rauschenberg's former home and studio in Captiva, Florida, the residency maintains a commitment to the preservation of the land and its history, and to the stewardship of the natural environment.


*Photography by Laurie Lambrecht