Sharon Ullman
Acting Executive Director

Julia Blaut
Curator and Director of Curatorial Affairs

Ann Brady
Director, Rauschenberg Residency

Megan Canning
Manager of Media and Special Projects

Jane Coffey
Finance Manager

Carrell Courtright
Studio Supervisor, Rauschenberg Residency

Felix Endara
Program Coordinator

Benny Gammerman
Operations Manager

Gina Guy
Collections Manager

Matt Hall
Facilities Supervisor, Rauschenberg Residency

Helen Hsu
Assistant Curator

Erika Kram
Administrative Assistant

Shanna Kudowitz
Media Associate

Thomas Roach
Head Preparator

Pedro Sanchez
Warehouse Assistant

Marianna Schaffer
Program Officer

Francine Snyder
Director of Archives and Scholarship

Jessica Todd
Residency Coordinator, Rauschenberg Residency

David White
Senior Curator

Risë Wilson
Director of Philanthropy


Susan Davidson
Curatorial Advisor
Megan Fox Kelly
Advisor for Sales